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Chlamydomonas rheiniscens is a new food material

 On December 8, 2021, The National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment announced that chlamydia rheinophyllum's application for new food raw materials has passed the technical review of the expert Review Committee, and is now open for comments. Please send your comments to xspyl@cfsa.net.cn before January 8, 2022, and indicate "Feedback on New food Raw materials" in the subject of the email. 

Chlamydomonas rheiniscens applied for new food raw materials on September 13, 2021, and the acceptance number was: Weishi Xinshen Zi (2021) No. 0011.  In less than two months, the raw material passed the technical review of the expert review committee and entered the stage of public comment. 

Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii belongs to Chlamydomonas family and Chlamydomonas genus.  It was prepared by algae culture, fermenter heterotrophic expansion culture and spray drying.  The main nutrients include protein, carbohydrate, fat, amino acid, vitamins and minerals, among which protein ≥30.0% and crude polysaccharide ≥10.0%.  Chlamydomonas rheiniscens is classified as "generally considered safe" in the United States as a dietary protein source;  Approved for use as a food ingredient in Singapore;  It is allowed to enter the market for sale in Hong Kong.  

According to the Provisions of the Food Safety Law and the New Food Raw Material Safety Examination and Management Measures, the National Health Commission entrusted the evaluation agency to organize experts to review and pass the safety evaluation materials of Chlamydomonas rheiniscens in accordance with legal procedures.  The production and use of new food raw materials shall conform to the contents of announcements and the requirements of food safety laws and regulations.  In view of the lack of safety data on chlamydomonas rheinissima in infant food, from the principle of risk prevention, the scope of use does not include infant food.  

Microalgae contain rich nutrients such as protein, amino acid, fatty acid, algae polysaccharide, vitamins and so on, and are in line with the trend of plant-based and sustainable fashion. Microalgae is a new field of functional food development, especially as a friendly product for vegetarians, health people and environmentalists.  

 If chlamydomonas rheiniscens becomes a new food material, it will help the development of algae-based food in China, especially the in-depth development of alternative plant protein food.  

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