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What are the unknown secrets behind the popularity of cannabis CBD?

Since the second half of 2018, cannabis extract CBD (cannabis bisphenol) has emerged, and gradually opened the gap with other plant functional components. By the beginning of 2019, CBD had become the most shining star in the Natural Organic Products Exhibition in Anaheim, USA. On-site inspection personnel of Zhiti Bridge saw: CBD booth, Menting Ruoshi; no CBD booth, Menkoro sparrow.

In fact, in the medical field, CBD has been counted as a success, which has brought great help to children with epilepsy.
In 2013, CNN broadcast Charlotte's story for the first time, making CBD the world's top news. Charlotte, who had severe infantile myoclonic epilepsy (Dravet syndrome), had 300 epileptic seizures every week, every 15 minutes before CBD treatment.

Are CBD isolates as good as full-spectrum cannabinoids?
CBD: As mentioned earlier, I am one of the many plant cannabinoids found in cannabis. Although I am the most common plant cannabinoid, other cannabinoid intake, as well as CBD intake, can produce a "follower effect" - stronger overall synergy and better results. Specifically, cannabinoid, a full-spectrum plant, activates two major eCS receptors, not just one, just like CBD isolates. If you only use independent CBD, there is no follow-up effect. On the contrary, the whole spectrum of cannabis extracts provides a full spectrum of natural cannabinoids, including a certain amount of CBD. Although the price of separated CBD is lower, the effect is also poor. Full spectrum cannabinoid is a better choice.

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