Zebrago Industrial Co., Limited

About us

We are one of China's raw material medicine industry and trade integration company. We export Pharmacy Steroids, Human API, Plant Extract and other nutrition raw materials. At present, we export over 100 products and cooperate with companies in more than 50 countries. In the future, we will provide more industries related to medicine, health products. 

Our aim is to provide high quality products, reasonable prices and solutions that satisfy our customers. 

For customers, we promise to give a high standard of service. We also continue to improve our services to meet the different needs of different customers. 

As a leading manufacturer of steroid raw materials. And Peptides, We specialized in manufacturing high quality and reliable raw material, which are widely used in the fields of food, health, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and Bodybuilding, we have formed a technology and management team that cooperate closely with some overseas Labs all speak highly of our safe shipping and goods. 

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