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Organic System

Organic Farming

Organic planting areas and the surrounding ban on the use of any chemical pesticides. If the disease occurs, should take out sick leaves, diseased plants, bury deep away from the organic planting area. Organic planting area and other areas need to be maintained more than 30m buffer zone, in order to avoid the impact of prohibited substances. Organic planting areas must be used to decompose farm manure or organic fertilizer that have been evaluated by organic certification bodies.

Harvesting and transportation
In the harvest season, the production department harvest the plant in strict accordance with the relevant organic standards and internal standards, and the organic plant after harvest need to be stacked at the specified location.
After harvest, organic raw materials need to be sent to third-party testing in order to confirm pesticide residues, heavy metal qualified, then delivery to the processing plant timely. Before organic raw materials is loaded into the transportation, which should be cleaned, disinfection, and sterilization is an inevitable procedure when necessary.

Organic processing, storage and transportation
In front of the organic products transportation, processing, storage, the transportation tools, processing equipment and warehouse should be complete cleaned. It is prohibited to use of food additives, pigment, preservative and other banned substances in the process of machining organic products. In the inventory process, organic products and conventional products need to be strictly separated to ensure that non-organic products will not cause pollution of organic products. Organic final products need to be transported by the factory’s special transport vehicles. In the transport process, transport in strict accordance with the specifications of packaging, to avoid exposure.
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